'every girl has insecurities' - not helped by the fact that girls are so bitchy and viscous. Like seriously, calling someone else ugly, doesn't make you any prettier. So what the heck is the point in doing it? All you're achieving, is making everyone take another look at you, and judge you on your personality, because really, what kind of person goes out of their way to make someone feel bad about themselves? It's just pathetic. I'm telling you, if there is any hope of beating eating disorders, and raising the self-esteem of everyone, then we've got to start sticking together. You don't get anywhere in this world alone. So next time you're out shopping, tell a girl you love her top, or in the changing rooms - let her know that the dress really suits her figure and she should totally get it. Complimenting someone could make their week. I'm not even kidding. Aren't we all guilty of obsession over what people think about us? So a stranger telling you that you look good, completes everything we strive for. So next time you're about to make a comment like 'omg look how big her butt is', stop. Just stop. Change the way you think.

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